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  • Wanted to congratulate you on a great piece of work! It helped me out at least three times within the first couple hours of receiving it. Many times sellers descriptions are not all that informative, so I'm sure this book will help out immeasurably!
  • I am already lusting for the books listed!!!
  • I just received your new book in mail. Wow. It looks excellent. This will replace "After a Century of Acrimony" which until now has been the best bibliography.
  • Thanks again for the book - time to start researching again!
  • I thought that I had a fairly good grasp of what had been published over the years, but I am amazed at what you have come up with.
  • You have done a marvellous job getting all this together. I like the colour pictures a lot.
  • I have just received my copy - WOW! The dedication and hard work that has been poured into the work is obvious.
  • ... written by someone who is clearly an expert in his field.
  • "AWESOME" is all I can say.
  • Super fast transaction, friendly emails and and a fantastic book. You're a legend!

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