Inevitably, when a bibliography has been printed, new books are located that have not been included. Such has been the case with What they said about Ned, and this website gives the opportunity of listing these works.

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1a. Headlines and Front Page. "Ned Kelly - The Immortal Outlaw." IPC Magazines Ltd., London. No. 28. December 1973.

This 5-page illustrated article has been, overall, quite well researched and presents both sides of the story, albeit through English eyes. "His body [Kennedy] was found four days later, one ear chewed off by a wombat ... ". Wombats are herbivore!

2a. Neale, Greg. "Painting the outlaw into folklore. The Bandit as Hero: a Modern Nation's Myth in the Making." Article in BBC History Magazine. BBC Worldwide Ltd., London. Vol. 3, No. 7. July 2002.

An article that looks at the image of Kelly through paintings, film and books. The brief historical overview of Kelly states that Ned and Dan; "went on the run ... accused of horse-stealing" instead of the wounding of Fitzpatrick. Although not an actual review Neale does quote and promote TG Rosenthal's new book Sidney Nolan.

3a. Valiant and Knockout. "Ned Kelly" Fleetway Publications Ltd, London. 7 September, 1963.

The front page of this weekly 6d. comic carried "Famous Fighters - a thrilling weekly series." The four cartoon panels rush through Kelly's career with rather inaccurate illustrations.

4a. Rover, The. "Ned Kelly the outlaw from the Outback." D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd., London. February 6th 1971.

A totally fictional work headed with an illustration depicting Ned galloping at full speed, with bullets being deflected by his armour. Not for research.

Brad Webb from Ironoutlaw has submitted the following magazines:- 

5a. Vital Signs [Magazine]. "Estrays & Outlaws". Issue 3. December 2002. State Records NSW.

p18-19. Covers an article on the recently returned collection of telegrams and letters related to the capture of Ned Kelly in 1880 missing from official record since 1935.

6a. Melbourne Weekly [Magazine]. "Cashing In On Kelly". Week 14. Vol 2. April 13-19, 2003. Text Media Publishing.
p16-20. Covers a story on the Ned Kelly business with interviews with Chief Justice John H. Phillips and Ironoutlaw's Brad Webb.

7a. The Australian [Magazine]. "The [really] True History Of The Kelly Gang". April 28-29, 2001. Nationwide News Pty Ltd.
p12-15. Covers a story on the infamous bushranger now back in vogue and his feisty descendants fearing a tourism onslaught.

8a. Australian Wine Selector [Magazine]. "Victorian Wine Country Through The Eyes Of Ned Kelly". Winter 2002. Australian Wine Selectors Pty Ltd.
p70-73. Covers a story on the relation between Kelly tourism and Kelly Country wines.

Dave White of glenrowan1880 supplied three more books that incorporate sections on Ned:-

9a. Swain, Victor. Australia: Moments in History. New Holland Publishers, Sydney. 2003. 335pp. Index. Bibliog. ISBN 1864368187.

Contains a chapter on Ned which is, unfortunately, riddled with errors like "Dan Kelly, Joe Byrne an Steve Hart were burned to death" and "at dawn Ned Kelly emerged from the hotel."

10a. Taylor, Paul. Australian Ripping Yarns. Cannibal convicts, macabre murders, wanton women, & living legends. Five Mile Creek, Rowville, Vic. 2004. 272pp. ISBN 186503938.

Chapter entitled "If only Ned's mother had been sent to the seaside." Again the factual work contains several errors and incorrect dates.

11a. Chambers, Don. Violet Town, or, Honeysuckle in Australia Felix, 1836-1908. Melbourne University Press, Melbourne. 1985. 354pp. Index. Bibliog. ISBN 0522843018.

Contains information on Kelly and particularly Constable Lonigan as he was from Violet Town. References to other local bushrangers.

Don Schofield kindly sent to me information about several more books, many thanks Don.

12a. Bates, Dianne. Villians. Reed Library Cardigan Street, Port Melbourne. 1996. Australia Files Series 48pp. Index. ISBN 1863914579.

Section "Australian Outlaws" briefly looks at some of the well known bushrangers including Ned Kelly on pages 16-17. Some mistakes such as " in a showdown at Stringybark Creek, two policemen were killed."

13a. Collett, Bill. Accidental Outlaw of Glenrowan: Steve Hart and the Kelly Gang. Midland Heritage Press, Newstead, Vic. 2004. 255pp. ISBN 0949873861.

Fictional look at the Kelly story through Steve Harts eyes. Generally follows the facts but does end with Steve escaping alive from the Glenrowan Inn.

14a. Corr, Janice. The Aussie Time Travellers and the Cave of the Opal Eyed Snake. Trafford, Vic. 2004. 104pp. ISBN 1412046211.

Childrens fiction. Three boys travel back in time to the 1800s where, amongst other adventures, they are captured by Ned Kelly and his gang.

15a. Davies, Ashley & Ian Jones. Ned Kelly. CD of music by Ashley Davies inspired by the Kelly story with a booklet by Ian Jones. n.d. [2001]. Booklet Unpaginated [32pp.] ISBN 0957907508.

The 15 tracks on the CD each relate to events in the Kelly story, in the booklet Jones accompanies each track with a short passage which together present a good, albeit brief, telling of the story.

16a. Dawson, Dagmar. (Illustrator) Bushrangers. Paul Hamlyn, Sydney. 1969. Unpaginated [32pp.]

Colouring and activities book for children. Features some of the more well known bushrangers with almost half the pages devoted to the Kellys.