Ned Kelly ... By Them that were There


Ned Kelly ... By Them that were There

Volume Four

Relatives recall Adventures of the Kelly Gang by "Cleon"

The Iron Bushrangers by "Sharp-Shooter"

Bushranging Days Were Stirring Times by Jesse Dowsett



Here are three rare and unusual accounts of Ned Kelly.

The first is an article from the Melbourne Herald published in 1922. It recounts the author's experiences of his trip to meet Ned Kelly's Mother and surviving brother, Jim, and relates the outbreak from their perspective.

The author, who used the pseudonym "Cleon", was welcomed warmly by the family and relates the interview with compassion and understanding.


The second piece is from a childrens Holiday Annual of 1931. The author, who also used a nom de plume "Sharp-Shooter", claims to have been one of the mounted police who travelled to Glenrowan on the special train ...  and in all probability he was!

His narrative, apart from a few lapses of memory, is fairly accurate but moreover it transports the reader back to that eventful siege in 1880. His pseudonym actually gives the clue to his possible identity.


The final article looks again at the events of Glenrowan, but not through the eyes of a police officer but a train guard. This is a reprint of Jesse Dowsett's reminiscences that was published in The Victorian Railways Magazine, March 1926, including the photograph of a straight-backed Dowsett proudly holding Kelly's revolver, boot and Keens Mustard tin. Also reproduced is the memo Dowsett received from the Traffic Manager informing him of his promotion and pay increase of 1 shilling per day.

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