Ned Kelly from within

"The Cookson Articles complete with illustrations"


The Kelly Gang from within

Articles written by Brian W Cookson

For the Sydney "Sun"

27 August to 24 September 1911


Compiled and edited by Brian McDonald


With a comprehensive index


Here offered, for the first time since it was serialised in the 1911 Sydney Sun, is the complete series of Brian W Cookson's interviews with the people involved with the Kelly saga.


B W Cookson's childhood fascination with Ned Kelly led him to writing this 60,418-word dissertation that kept thousands of people enthralled daily for nearly a month. His investigative journalism combined with his journalistic flair gave his readers an incredible insight into the events leading up to and surrounding Kelly's death and the aftermath.


Here the entire series, including a follow-up article he wrote for the Age in the early 1930s, has been faithfully reprinted from original copies of the Sun. Using modern scanning techniques, the 52 original photographs and illustrations have been reproduced successfully from the aging, musty pages.


This 102 page, A4 softcover book comprises a comprehensive index and occasional editorial comments.


This book is compulsory reading for anyone with an interest in the people involved in the Kelly legend.


ISBN 0975605771                                                   Price $40 (plus postage and padded bag)