What they said about Ned

What they said about Ned!: Looking at the Legend of Ned Kelly through Books


An Annotated Bibliography : Comprising a comprehensive list of books, magazines, articles and journals on Ned for the use of librarians, researchers and collectors.

By Brian McDonald

Limited Edition of 1,500 each numbered and signed.


The first part of this work, What they said about Ned!, discusses the variety of books published on the Kelly Gang (there were five published before Ned was hanged!). The various sub-headings include; "Royal Commissions and Police Accounts", "Early Travel Reminiscences and Attitudes towards Kelly", "Historical Publications", "Kelly Fiction", "Film and Stage", "Paintings and Graphic Art", and "Juvenile Publications".

The Bibliography has 797 entries in alphabetical order and includes; the author, title, publisher, date of publication, number of pages, and ISBN or Ferguson No. (where applicable)

The annotations describe the Kelly component of each listing and comments on its value for research where appropriate. It lists Kelly books and magazines from the first publication Outlaws of the Wombat Ranges published in 1879 to recent publications such as The Ned Kelly Encyclopaedia and Blood in the Dust. Numerous cross-references (not included in the number sequence) are alphabetically listed for ease of use. 

This work has taken over four years to compile and 29 years of collecting and reading! The 102, A4 size, pages contain 129 illustrations of which 101 are in colour. The book is soft cover publication with an acetate protection sheet.

If you are doing research into Ned this work will help you track down some of the unusual and worthwhile titles to consult.

If you are a collector of Kellyana, this work will assist you, in most cases, to determine the worth of a book before outlaying money, or, if the book is a reprint (with changed title!) of one you already have it in your collection. The 797 titles in the bibliography will definitely help bibliophiles to identify items that you want for your collection.

ISBN 0 97560570                                                     AU$55.00 (Plus postage and padded bag)

NOTE: As new and unlisted books come to light they will be listed on the page

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