History of Bushranging

The History of Bushranging in Australia, From the Earliest Times

Facsimile edition of the rare book published by Frearson and Brother, Adelaide in 1891!

This work was the first book ever published on a general history of Bushranging.

With thirty-five pages of woodcut illustrations.

Frearson and Brother had published four books on the Kelly gang between 1880 and 1882 and combined this with information on other bushrangers to produce this History of Bushranging in Australia.

Pages 26 to 69 occupy the account of the Kelly Gang including the trials (both Beechworth and Melbourne), execution, Royal Commission and a section on the Kelly family with numerous illustrations throughout.

The book contains large sections on Scott, Sullivan (New Zealand), Fisher and Smith, Thomas Hughes (Western Australia), South Australian Bushrangers, the Lancefield (Victoria) bank robbery and a list of recipients of the Government Medals with a list of bushrangers shot or hanged and police killed or wounded.

There are smaller entries on Howe, Mosquito, Donahoe, Gardiner, Melville, Macgregor (McPherson), Morgan, Hall, Gilbert, Clarke Gang, Ward and Power.

The last time an original copy of this book was offered for sale was in 1996 with a price tag of AU$2,000!

Offered here is a facsimile of the original, however, with modern scanning methods, the facsimile pages are better than the original yellowed and stained pages. The facsimile publication is slightly larger (A5 size) than the original, which makes the small typeface a little easier to read when compared with the original. The numerous illustrations (43 in all) have scanned well and are slightly larger and better than in the original publication.

Overall, this 80-page facsimile brings a rare publication into the possession of the researchers, collectors and all those people with an interest in the bygone days of our history.

ISBN 0 9756057 2 0                                                  AU$40.00 (Plus postage and padded bag)