By Them that were There Vol. 2

  Convict Discipline ... By Them that were There

(Including the debauchery of Sydney in 1834)

Volume Two

Ernest Augustus Slade's evidence to the Select Committee on Transportation - 1837


Ernest Augustus Slade was one time Superintendent of Hyde Park Barracks and rather a sadistic character! He told the Select Committee: "50 lashes under my superin-tendence was equal to 1,000 under any other man's ever before in the colony." He also said that he guaranteed blood to be drawn on the fourth lash of the cat-o'-nine-tails!

Governor Brisbane suggested he should resign his post - not because of his sadistic streak - but because of his lack of morals.

The information Slade told the Select Committee is enthralling reading and is both damning and evocative of the drunkenness and debauchery of the "lower classes" residing in the lanes and alleyways of old Sydney Town.

This volume also contains the full and graphic reports by Slade to the Colonial Secretary, describing the punishments inflicted on convicts at Hyde Park Barracks during September 1833.

This 34 page, A4 softcover book has been annotated throughout with further information about the people mentioned (including "Lusty" Cooper of Juniper Hall, Paddington, fame), explanations of terms and corrections as well as references for further reading. An index has been compiled for quick reference.

This is an amazing account of convict life and discipline by an eyewitness who was detested by the convicts. Australian history at its debase!


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