By Them that were There Vol. 3

The First Fleet ... By them that were There

James Callam's Account of the First Fleet and

subsequent visit to Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands.

Introduced and commentary by

Brian McDonald

This is a reprint of an original First Fleeter's account.

James Callam, who was a Surgeon on the Supply, sent a letter to his brother in England who immediately published it as a sixpenny pamphlet.

No copies of this publication were known to exist until 1988! Since then only two copies have been located and neither of these are located in Australia.

Here, accurately reproduced, is another book to add to the foundation books of Australia's European settlement!

Callam relates the voyage, the arrival of the Supply in Botany Bay, the re-location to Port Jackson and the subsequent voyage to Norfolk Island with the discovery and landing at Lord Howe Island.

Here is another 22 page A4 publication, with index, which shows that Australia's remarkable European history has been documented from its very beginnings.


ISBN 0 9756057 5 5.                                                AU$20.00 (Plus postage and padded bag.)